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Gov should regulate, not take your guns


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In your article on March 9 by Nate Jones: “Gun bans don’t stop criminals,” I’d have to say that his point is mute.

Yes, he is correct on that there will always be violence and that someone will always be murdered by acid, bats, knives etc., just like the prohibition could not keep liquor from being sold, but doesn’t mean we shouldn’t set up regulations to protect our kids.

When I grew up, I could always expect the ambulances to be at my middle school for some type of emergency — a beating, pushed down the stairs, stabbings and so on — but never was there a shooting.

The lack of gun laws has made it easier for more guns to get into schools and other public areas. The lack of laws now have kids killing multiple students instead of maybe just one.

When he starts to talk about other countries and how people are murdered or injured, he describes that other techniques are now being used. Again, though, this may sound heartless but only one person is injured, maybe even two from acid attacks and usually those attacks are done by a jealous lover or disgruntled employee. Not 17 like in Parkland or over 50 in Las Vegas.

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It is people like him who write saying “the government wants to take away your guns” that spread fear and create higher gun sales and making more guns readily available for unregistered users to get their hands on.

This is the reason why there are more deaths now (either on purpose or accidental shootings) then there were when I grew up, and I grew up when the only time races mixed was during classes and whoever had the biggest amount of people were able to sit on the picnic tables during lunch while the rest stood around.

So again, the government doesn’t want to take your guns, just regulate on what type should be in non-military hands and I know people will start saying “If I want to have a 100 round mag, well then that’s my God-given right as an American.” True, it is your right, but now you’ve just given your kids or grandkids the ability to mow down hundreds of students (some of them even friends and relatives). What of the rights of those kids? What of the rights of the parents who now are in debt because of funeral costs? What of the rights of not being afraid to learn, to play, to be a child?

The NRA doesn’t care about your kids’ rights only in making money. Do you think that Congress and the Senate or the leaders of the NRA have to worry about their kids being killed in a mass shooting?

My point is that you cannot control the violent nature of people but you can control how many they can kill. I’m tired of seeing on the news that someone somewhere has shot and injured more kids in another school shooting, movie theater or public area and so should you.

Mike Heron

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