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Man arrested after ‘spat’ with police


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A Roswell man was charged with battery against a police officer Wednesday night after spitting at a female police officer, court records state.


In addition, 20-year-old Andrew Lopez-Cobos was also charged with resisting, evading or obstructing an officer during the same incident in the 1100 block of North Garden Avenue at about 9:06 p.m. Wednesday.

According to a statement of probable cause, Roswell police officer Scott Wrenn began to investigate a crashed vehicle as he arrived on scene.

According to an incident report regarding a towed vehicle made less than 30 minutes prior in the 1000 block of North Garden, a 2005 Nissan Altima had sustained about $1000 in damages.

While a crash report was not available as of press time, Lopez-Cobos and a 17-year-old juvenile girl were listed as being involved in the incident.

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Wrenn stated in his report that shortly after he entered the scene, both Lopez-Cobos and the girl walked into the scene. Police described Lopez-Cobos as “heavily intoxicated,” noting his bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and apparent unbalanced walking.

“(Lopez-Cobos) stated that he lives in the area and he had not been driving that evening,” Wrenn wrote. “When asked how he knew the whereabouts of the vehicle, Andrew stated that (the juvenile’s) sister had called (and told) him the vehicle had been stolen.”

After being continually asked to clarify, Lobos-Cobos told police a friend had stolen and crashed the vehicle — though he did not want to say the friend’s name.

“When (I) asked again if he had driven the vehicle, Andrew became belligerent and began shouting profanities,” Wrenn wrote. “His statement was inconsistent and incoherent — he was extremely agitated and began telling me to take him to jail for underage drinking and that he didn’t care what happened to him. His language was abusive and confrontational.”

RPD officer Ashley Wood spoke with the 17-year-old girl, who told police, in regards to the car accident, some people whom she did not know had come into her workplace to tell her that her vehicle had been crashed. These apparent strangers also gave the 17-year-old a ride to the crashed vehicle.

“(She) could not explain how the people knew it was her car or how they knew where she worked,” the report stated. “She later stated to officer Darby that Andrew Lopez-Cobos came into her work and told her that her vehicle had been wrecked and the police were on scene.”

Police said as the investigation continued, Lopez-Cobos continued to act belligerent.

“He continued telling officers to take him to jail,” Wrenn wrote. “Based on the investigation and the inconsistent stories about his involvement in this accident, he was placed in handcuffs.”

Police said as the handcuffs on Lopez-Cobos were being double-locked, he began to walk away.

“When (I) stopped him from walking, he turned aggressively toward me,” the report stated. “(I) pushed him up against a fence that he was standing in front of and he began to get more violent and aggressive with his actions.”

Police said Lopez-Cobos repeatedly pushed against Wrenn, trying to break free of the officer’s grip. He was later taken to the ground to be properly handcuffed.

“The right side of his face scraped the ground as he was as he was taken down,” the report stated. “While being placed into the back of my squad car, Andrew proceeded to spit two times — the second time hitting officer Wood in the face.”

Police said, in response, Lopez-Cobos was told to get out of the car. He refused.

“He continued yelling profanities as (I) tried to forcefully remove him from the vehicle,” Wrenn wrote. “(I) grabbed the front of his T-shirt, but it ripped in my hand, causing me to lose my grip.”

Wrenn said Lopez-Cobos remained resistant to his orders.

Police were eventually able to retrieve him from the vehicle.

“(I) reclaimed my grip on the front of his T-shirt and had to pull hard to get him to come out of the car,” Wrenn wrote. “He was picked up by other officers and his shirt (was) placed over his face to prevent any further spitting incidents.”

Wrenn said Lopez-Cobos was also placed in leg shackles, due to his behavior.

“He was placed back into the unit, where his demeanor changed instantly,” Wrenn wrote. “He began asking if we could play him some music as we drove away — his actions and emotions continued to swing wildly from compliant to belligerent.”

Police said, after speaking with the District Attorney’s Office, it was decided they did not have enough probable cause to charge Lopez-Cobos with any driving offenses.

Lopez-Cobos was instead charged with battery against a police officer and resisting an officer.

According to an order setting conditions of release filed in Chaves County Magistrate Court Thursday, Lopez-Cobos was released on his own recognizance.

The case is to be prosecuted by a member of the 5th Judicial District Attorney’s office while Lopez-Cobos is to be represented by a public defender.

A court date in Chaves County Magistrate Court has not yet been set.

Multimedia-Crime reporter Trevier Gonzalez can be reached at 575-622-7710, ext. 301, or at breakingnews@rdrnews.com.

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