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Crime Stoppers wants to end school threats


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Crime Stoppers will pay $500 cash for information leading to those responsible for crimes such as:

• Implied/communicated school threats by any means
• School threats written on walls or elsewhere inside schools
• Falsely raising alarms about imminent danger inside schools
• Any other serious crime(s) relating to school shootings




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In case of a serious emergency, dial 911 immediately.

Students evacuate their Parkland, FL high school where 17 individuals were slain in one of the most deadliest mass shootings in the past 10 years.

From Feb. 22 to March 9, 10 incidents involving threats of school shootings have conspired in Roswell. Five occurred at Sierra Middle School, one at Mesa Middle School, two at Goddard High School, one at Roswell High School and one at University High School.

Each of these threats featured someone claiming they were going to carry out a shooting or otherwise kill people at the school on a certain day.

RPD wants to emphasize to students the seriousness of making threats like these and that such actions affect many people prompting fear in this community that it shouldn’t otherwise be subjected to.

Crime Stoppers is a sure way of making a dent in school shooting threats and doing so in a way which does not put the “tipster” in jeopardy. It’s an anonymous opportunity to make a phone call about something you’ve seen or which you’re aware of, and perhaps collect a little money for your effort. Chaves County Crime Stoppers will pay $500 cash for tips leading to those responsible for threats relating to these incidents.

It’s simple. Just call 1-888-594-TIPS (8477) with good information and you could make some extra money and nobody will know.

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