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NRA should not be painted as dangerous


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A quick response to the comments made by Flo Wells and Mike Heron (in the March 25 edition of the RDR). Ms. Wells said “semi-automatics are not something civilians need.” She obviously does not know that a vast majority of pistols are semi-auto and so are many hunting rifles. That would leave revolver pistols, pump shotguns and bolt action rifles.

Mr. Heron stated that the NRA doesn’t care about kids, they only want your money. His ignorance about the NRA is obvious. I would love to share with him about the NRA. The NRA is made up of people just like me who have kids and grandkids just like everybody else. The NRA does support the Second Amendment and much more, such as hunter safety for youth, caring about our lands, rivers and wildlife.

We also actually go out and plant trees, not just go out and hug them. I’m tired of the NRA and people like me being painted as a bunch of dangerous people. We are responsible gun owners who believe in our Second Amendment.

Many on the left want guns banned. They start with one type weapon, clips etc., and if successful, they will go after more. The government and liberals are much like the termites: Termites do not eat half of your fence. They won’t stop until they eat it all.

These latest shootings prove that government and law cannot stop these wackos. If we really want to address safety in our schools, put an armed police officer and a very selective few armed staff in each high school. You now have a reactionary force on site instead of waiting for the cavalry to show up after way too much damage has already been done.

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The choice is obvious:

Marching, demonstrations, calling for more gun laws may make you feel good, but does nothing to stop wackos. We stopped free fire zones in our airports. Are we willing to spend money for the security of our schools? They are free fire zones.

I retired after 28 years of military service. I served 22 years in a high school right here in Roswell and I can tell you: I did not feel safe and wished that it had been legal for me to be armed to protect myself and the students.

OK Ms. Wells and Mr. Heron, I’m ready for you to respond and take cheap shots at me. NRA members are used to it.

Larry D. Griffin

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