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Look for more Roswell coverage


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The words printed at the top of the front page of each edition we publish should leave no doubt about the place and the people the Daily Record is most focused on. “Roswell Daily Record” — and, “The Voice of the Pecos Valley.”

News, sports, the people, places and things that make this corner of the world unique. Local coverage, especially of Roswell, has been and remains our focus.

Sure, there are stories and events beyond the city limits of Roswell that we feel compelled to keep readers informed about. Statewide and regional coverage is something readers expect from their daily newspaper, and we want to meet that expectation as well. There are stories that, while not local, do apply to all residents of the state, and the Daily Record feels an obligation to present those topics to those using our newspaper as a source of news and information.

And some stories and events, be they regional or national, are just plain interesting, and something we feel readers would appreciate knowing about.

But in the end, we’re Roswell’s paper, and our focus first and foremost recognizes and serves that mission. As such, readers should look in the coming weeks and months for more of the local coverage they’ve come to expect.

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One change will be rolling coverage of Artesia, when topics of interest warrant, into the regular paper instead of dedicating a page twice a month to that area. That seems to us more in keeping with our primary focus on Roswell proper — while also bearing in mind that coverage of stories throughout southeastern New Mexico, Artesia included, are always fair game.

As our name suggests, we’re dedicated to bringing our readers the best and most thorough coverage possible of Roswell, New Mexico and the surrounding environs.

That’s our brand, and it’s served the publication well for more than a century-and-a-quarter. No doubt, it’s the reason you’re reading this now.

As time passes, there are things that change, for the better and worse. The Daily Record’s commitment to covering Roswell won’t. If anything, we feel as though we’re just getting started.

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