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Kathleen Lorraine Whitmer-Wiederhold


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October 25, 1947 to December 30, 2017

Kathleen Lorraine Whitmer-Wiederhold grew up in the small lake community of Sanford, Michigan. Kathleen is the second born of nine children-six girls and three boys. She was always considered to be artistic by her family, friends and community. She discovered her writing talent early in life.
Kathleen’s schoolteachers had always considered her to be an especially creative student. She had an artistic flair for words, but she also showed promise as an artist. Kathleen graduated in 1965 from the Sanford Meridian High School. During the four years, she was on the honor roll. Kathleen continued her education at the Grand Rapids, Michigan University. Her curriculum choice was art design and Technical Illustration.
Ms. Lorraine’s favorite genre was adult drama and romance. She also writes suspense, satire/humor, and children’s stories. She was a recognized author who has written over one hundred ‘five star’ short stories. She has received seven ‘First Place’ wins, and many second place prize winning awards. She has also achieved many third place and ‘Recognized wins’ for her work. Ms. Lorraine joined the group of thousands of writers on FanStory. She became a member in 2014.
Ms. Lorraine spent the past thirty years working on her writing career. Ms. Lorraine continues her passion for storytelling. She recently returned to her favorite adult genre of romantic thriller suspense stories. Ms. Lorraine spends her time between writing adult human drama, romance and suspense stories.
When not writing, Ms. Lorraine still devoted her spare time to painting. She has used several original designs as cover art for her books. K. Lorraine wrote two weekly blogs. The original blogs are on her webpage http://klorraine.com.
‘No Shoes Required’ was Ms. Lorraine’s newest challenge. The website is on WordPress. www.noshoesrequiredblogs.wordpress.com. It is a learning and sharing website for women with disabilities.
She’s added another new feature in 2017 called the READING ROOM. The idea was to offer her earlier books FREE for the general public to read. These are full-length edited books. She revised the stories to give them away FREE. The original books are still available for purchase. The library list of books is available on her K. Lorraine webpage.
Ms. Lorraine and her husband Ed, of over twenty years, live in Roswell, New Mexico. Kathleen is survived by her son Eric M. Krafft, 46. He resides in Midland, Michigan. Her daughter, Rebecca A. Krafft-Martinez, 43, lives in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Kathleen has three stepchildren, Heidi Mischke, St. Paul, Minnesota; Michael E. Wiederhold, Caro, MI and Eric E. Wiederhold, Andover, NM. She has six step grandchildren.
Ms. Lorraine leaves behind seven siblings. Her brother Jon K. Whitmer preceded her in death with the same type of cancer. In lieu of flowers, the family has requested donations be made to the Cancer Society in Roswell, New Mexico or the Roswell Hospice. A memorial Service is to be held April 23, 2018 at 11am at Roswell First Baptist Church.

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