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Space must remain a neutral zone


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The Colorado Springs Gazette editorial in the April 19 RDR is wrong, wrong, wrong. We do not need a Space Force, nor do we need to equip the Air Force to fight a space war.

Since the beginning of space exploration, space has been treated as a neutral zone. There was tacit agreement among nations not to militarize space. There has certainly been competition, but no country has sabotaged another country’s satellites or space stations. There is, in fact, increasing cooperation in space, with Russia supplying transportation to and from the International Space Station, carrying astronauts from many different countries. Supplies are delivered to the station by American flights.

By initiating space war hysteria, the Trump administration is starting mankind down the road that destroys the current efforts at sharing space. If humans’ next frontier is space, and I think it is, we will benefit from exploring as humans, not as national entities.

Space exploration is a huge undertaking, in terms of men, materials and money. It is better to share all those costs than for a single nation to undertake the effort alone. Let’s cool the space war rhetoric now, and continue down the path of cooperation.

I am sure the militaries of all developed countries have thought about what would happen if someone destroyed orbiting satellites, and I am also sure they have contingency plans for how to proceed without satellite information. That is simple military readiness. But until Donald Trump started talking about a “Space Force” no one really expected this to happen. And it shouldn’t.

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Nations can’t seem to cooperate at anything here on earth, but we have been doing well at cooperating in space. Let’s not ruin that!

Flo Wells

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