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Don’t steal my cheese — Join the ‘Taco Party’ today

Local game inventor Matt Bromley is test-playing his newest game, “Taco Party!” with volunteer testers Chris Reid, Dan Powell and William Keller at Sol Juice Supplement on April 26. Pictured are, from left: Chris Reid, Matt Bromley, Dan Powell and William Keller. (Christina Stock Photo)

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Local game inventor Matt Bromley is introducing his newest game, “Taco Party!,” which is still in the test phase and on Kickstarter since April 18 with $1,405 pledged of the $3,500 goal. The deadline is May 18.

The public is invited to the Roswell Mall today, from 10 a.m to 7 p.m., to celebrate International Table Top Day and judge for themselves if they like it. “Get it while it’s here today because it will be gone tomato,” Bromley said. With taco card names such as Cornquistador and Chalupacabra, the game reflects Bromley’s sense of humor.

The game itself has already been reviewed and is featured at everythingboardgames.com. “Dripping with salsa and cheese, ‘Taco Party!’ is a family-friendly dice-and-card game that is full of flavor and a theme perfect for your next taco Tuesday adventure. The rulebook is full of corn-y jokes that will keep you groaning as you teach your friends and family how to play,” the review said.

Some of Bromley’s volunteer testers are Chris Reid, Dan Powell and William Keller.

Reid and Powell said that they have been testing five games from inventor Bromley already. Bromley’s company, WildBird Games, a national and international brand known for games such as “Sol Quest,” “Kings of Krona,” “Ultimate Thumwar,” “Stellar racers” and the most popular games “Super Squadimals,” “Woven in Myth” and “Roswaliens The Mothership,” which premiered at last year’s GalactiCon.

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Bromley specializes in inventing a variety of games from board games to dice and card games, including three-dimensional miniature terrains he designs for board games.

According to Bromley, his newest game “Taco Party!” was inspired by his wife, Maria Alicia Balderrama, who also had a say in the iconic look of the taco card emoticons.

The game is easy to learn and made for the entire family. It can be played with two to six players. The goal of the game is to win four taco ingredients as fast as possible by rolling six dice in colors representing the different ingredients on the players taco card. When all four ingredients are assembled, the taco symbols have to be eaten by reversing the game and by getting rid of the ingredients or giving them to other players. The player who eats his taco first — gets rid of the ingredients — wins.

Typical Bromley, he never invents a boring game and this one has a variety of actions that keep it lively, as well. Players can steal the ingredients from each other; they can also pull a card out of the 36 action cards that go with the game. These action cards have different possibilities to advance faster — if the player can achieve it. One command, order up, is speed rolling of the dice. This works especially well if only one or two ingredients are missing. The player can throw the dice or individual dice as many times as he can until his time is up, which varies between 5 and 10 seconds. Another action is called “Smelfies.” If the player posts his picture with a taco game card on Facebook or Instagram, he can grab an ingredient. The command “stacking” also comes with a time limit. While the other players count the seconds, the player has to stack all six dices without them tumbling down.

On April 24, musician Robin Scott — who recently opened for The Marshall Tucker Band at The Liberty Club — left a message on Bromley’s Facebook page after testing the game at Taqueria Jalisco restaurant. “Last night was a blast. Matt Bromley’s ‘Taco Party’ is a hoot. Such a great time being Phantomato (taco card) and I won,” he said.

The public can play “Taco Party!” and other games, such as classic favorites like chess, checkers, “Monopoly,” “Life,” “Apples to Apples,” “Clue,” “Sorry,” “Scrabble” and newer games such as “Star Wars X-Wing,” “Dominion” and “Formula D” free of charge. There will also be giveaways and prizes all day.

Bromley is going to have a booth with his games at the upcoming GalactiCon from July 5-7.

For more information about WildBird Games, visit wildbirdgames.weebly.com.

Other events that happen at the same time as the games at the Roswell Mall is the annual Celebrate the Arts Day, Arts Connect from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and the Roswell Film Festival at Galaxy 8 movies.

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