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Reader doesn’t want nuclear waste here


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The communities, the states that elected to build and use nuclear energy years ago failed to make a plan to manage the inevitable accumulation of highly radioactive wastes. Now, they want to remove and send these wastes to whomever will accept them. Until the present time, nobody wanted to accept them. However, there is a possible solution currently being considered to accept and store these wastes here, in New Mexico.

Many citizens of New Mexico, myself included, do not want to accept these highly toxic wastes. This proposed solution plans to store the wastes for up to 40 years, at which time a permanent location for these wastes will be available — a highly unlikely situation given the history of the problem for the past 50 or more years.

These wastes need to remain where they are currently being held and walled off to remind future citizens of the failure of their government to prepare for the ultimate requirements resulting from the use of nuclear energy.

Col. William F. Briney

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USA, retired

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