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City apologizes for water pressure


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City of Roswell water customers may have experienced a decrease in water pressure the last couple days. The city has been experiencing a rash of water main breaks.

Thursday and Friday, city crews shut down water in four locations in order to deal with main breaks. The largest line to break was a 40-year-old, 36-inch-diameter concrete cylinder water line in the 1100 block of North Garden. Temporary measures to reduce the leak were performed, and the water was turned back on about 9 a.m. Friday.

The three other main-break locations were 8-inch lines in the south part of town. They were:

A 59-year-old line in the South Virginia/Keith area

An 87-year-old line in the South Lea/Reed area

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A 77-year-old line in the Wildy/Johnson area

By late Friday afternoon, all the lines were back in operation.

The city water system is a “looped” system. So when breaks occur in one part of town, the system adjusts and balances pressure, affecting other parts of town. Multiple shutdowns, particularly when involving a large-diameter transmission line, results in decreased water pressure to customers.

With the warmer temperatures, the demand for water is increasing, especially as people start watering lawns again. The higher demands and the aged system can cause inconveniences to customers as crews respond to water main repairs. The water crews are also responding to the individual customers who have called in to report a decrease in pressure at their residences. The crews follow up with the individual calls to verify there are no other system issues that need to be addressed.

Please note the smart-meter project is not the cause of the decreased pressure. Unfortunately for the smart-meter crews, they are visible about town, causing some residents to erroneously blame them.

The city apologizes for the inconvenience to its citizens caused by the low water pressure and water shutdowns while repairs occurred. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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