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Hoovers Detail & Mobile Wash


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Hoovers Detail & Mobile Wash is all about convenience, affordability and quality. Of the many things Hoovers details, commuter vehicles make up the bulk of their business and they’d like to share their procedure to reassure you.

The detailing process starts off with a high pressure wash to rinse off dust, dirt, and mud from the exterior of your vehicle. Hoovers only uses quality car washing soap and not liquid detergent or dish cleaner which can harm the paint and strip away previous wax applications. The car is then dried with a synthetic chamois paying special attention not to leave any spots or streaks behind.

Next up for a detail would be the most overlooked – the engine bay. Hoovers believes washing your car, but not your engine bay, is like taking a shower but not brushing your teeth. A clean engine bay can be beneficial, too. An engine bay covered in oil and grit can prematurely wear down belts, rubber seals, bearings, etc. It also prevents you from noticing serious issues such as oil and coolant leaks.

Wheels are just as important as the rest of the vehicle so they are paid just as much attention to. Hoovers uses an acid free, PH balanced aluminum wheel cleaner to preserve the most delicate of wheel finishes.

Hoovers waxes your vehicle to protect its paint. Waxing acts like sunblock for your vehicle. It adds a protective coating to protect against fading caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays. It also helps protect the paint from materials that land on the paint.

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For the interior, the floor mats are removed and shaken to remove loose dirt and debris then rigorously vacuumed to remove any ingrained dirt and any vinyl is wiped with a cleaning agent and restored as much as possible. The carpet is then thoroughly vacuumed making sure every corner and tight space is paid attention. Any stains or problem areas are met with a medium-stiff bristle brush and stain remover. The carpet is once again vacuumed and left to dry.

The seats are then vacuumed and cleaned accordingly. For leather, dirt and grime can be become embedded into the surface turning light colored leather to a dingy shade. Hoovers does as much as they can to reverse this. Vinyl is simpler because all it takes is some vinyl compatible spray and a wipe down. With cloth seats, a vacuuming is undertaken and any stains are treated with spot removers and an odor eliminator is applied.

Next, the dashboard, console, air vents, and door panels are vacuumed, dusted, and wiped down with interior cleanser. Dashboards are one of the hardest things to clean on most cars due to the acute angle of the windshield to the dashboard. Hoovers goes to lengths to ensure that one of the most soiled areas in the interior is cleaned. A once-over is then undertaken to ensure that a spot hasn’t been missed.

Lastly, Hoovers washes the windows with an auto window cleaner. Windex and other household cleaners contain ammonia that can damage a car’s window tint therefore it isn’t used. The windows are wiped down twice to ensure that all cleaner and any streaks have been removed.

If your vehicle needs the attention you’re unable to give it, leave it to Hoovers to return your vehicle in the pristine condition it should be without spending a fortune. Hoovers will also come to you if you can’t come to them. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, you can reach Hoovers Detail & Mobile Wash at (575) 840-5391 located at 113 E. Albuquerque St.

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