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ETZ approves parcel split on East Berrendo


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A local property owner has been approved for dividing a parcel in half, below the five-acre minimum typically required in the area.

At a Tuesday meeting, Roswell-Chaves County Extraterritorial Commission approved Cecil Hankins’ request for a variance regarding property in the 1400 block of East Berrendo Road so the property can be divided into two portions, of about 2.5 acres each.

Hankins told commissioners, who decide matters regarding county land lying within a few miles of the city limits, that he bought the property about two months ago and decided that he wanted to divide it up so that if he decides to sell or divest the portion with a house on it, he would still own some of the land. Hankins owns several properties in the area, he said, and is intending to buy more in the future.

“I just want to separate the two in case I get rid of the home. Then I will still have the other property to do with as we chose,” he said.

About his ownership and planned ownership of nearby properties, he said. “I just don’t want anyone building next to me.”

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Chaves County Planning and Zoning Director Marlin Johnson told commissioners that the five-acre standard is sometimes waived if certain conditions are met, especially regarding the parcels’ connection to water utilities. In this case, both parcels, zoned rural suburban, will be utilizing water from the Berrendo Cooperative Water Users Association. Johnson also said that no public or county agencies objected to Hankins’ plan.

“For reference, this commission has approved lots down to one acres, which might be, you know, pushing the boundary,” Johnson said. “Certainly two acres is well within reason.”

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