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Two new attractions to debut at UFO festival; Tours of 1947 crash site and simulated ‘flight’ to Mars

Roebuck Entertainment’s “Mars 2147” is intended to take visitors on a simulated flight to the Red Planet and one of its first vacation resorts. (Submitted Photo)

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[Note: The following post has been updated to give a corrected website address for the UFO crash site tours.]

Some entrepreneurs will introduce two new attractions this year at the UFO Festival, including the first tours of the famous 1947 crash site organized by the ranch owners.

Roebuck Entertainment, headed by film producer, “Christmas Railway” organizer and City Councilor Jacob Roebuck, is creating the “Mars 2147” attraction in the former Cobean’s store at 320 N. Richardson Ave. to give people a simulated space flight to the Red Planet. Meanwhile, members of the Bogle family are organizing van and bus tours to the site of the much-publicized mysterious-object crash about 30 miles northwest of Roswell.

Lauren Bogle is one of three sisters who belong to the Bogle ranching family, which has been in agriculture for 100 years. The family operations include a cow-and-calf ranching business on land where an object originally described by the U.S. Army as a flying disc, and later called a weather balloon, crashed in late June or early July 1947.

That incident became a worldwide news story in the days after the Army announcement, and, in 1990, was put back on the world stage by UFO researchers.

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While previous tours of the site — which is actually on a part of the ranch leased from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management — have occurred by documentary crews and researchers, Lauren Bogle said that the family has never before opened it up for festival visitors.

“My great-grandfather and grandfather, they knew about it,” said Bogle about the UFO phenomena. She is an advertising professional in Texas and the chief operating officer of LAM LLC, the production company run by the sisters and in charge of the tours.

“Again, it is a working ranch and so what we do is agriculture, and we do it well, and they wanted to not turn it into an entertainment situation,” she said. “But this year we got the blessing from all of our family members that are owners within Bogle Ltd. to do this.”

Among the features of the four-hour tours will be a look at the house lived in by the rancher who discovered the crash debris, photos with cutouts of a UFO and a weather balloon, and the ability to explore the site with metal detectors.

“Whatever they find, they take home,” Bogle said.

VIP tours aboard sports utility vehicles will occur July 5-6, with bus tours scheduled for July 7-8. Bogle said that a website, ufo1947crashtour.com, will have additional information and tickets.

“We did not want to say ours is the end-all to be-all,” she said about the crash site, “but ours is based on Mac Brazel’s account and that is what the Roswell Incident is based on.”

Roebuck Entertainment, which created the popular “Christmas Railway” attraction held at the Spring River Park and Zoo for two years, has developed what is being described as an “immersive” simulated experience of a space flight to Mars and a new luxury resort. Some mysterious conditions are entailed, about what creatures might be on the planet.

Roebuck, the producer of feature films, has written the script, and three main actors and a supporting cast will lead visitors as they experience the sets enhanced by video during the 25-minute attraction.

“I have always been a SciFi fan since I saw the very first ‘Star Wars’ in theaters when I was 3, so producing SciFi is something I have always wanted to do,” Roebuck said.

Mars 2147 will run June 29 to July 8.

“We are opening a week early so that locals will have the chance to see it away from all the crowds,” said Marketing Director Paige Berry.

Additional information and tickets are available at mars2147.com.

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