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Driver helps people involved in nearby accident


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As a bus driver for the City of Roswell’s Pecos Trails Transit, Shaley Pritchard focuses on ensuring the safety of citizens who ride his bus, as well as other travelers on city streets.

Shaley Pritchard

One day last month, he found himself taking extra steps to tend to the safety of a group of people in another vehicle.

Pritchard was driving his bus on April 14 when he witnessed a car accident at one of the Wal-Mart shopping plaza exits on North Main Street. Pritchard maneuvered his bus safely around the accident, and while doing so, noticed there were five people still in a car involved in the accident.

Preparing to check on the people in the car, he pulled the bus over a safe distance from the accident and had his 15 or so passengers exit the bus and wait by a nearby bus stop. Approaching the car, Pritchard saw two other people helping those in the car get out of the vehicle. He also noticed the car’s engine was smoldering and was afraid the car would catch fire. Pritchard retrieved the fire extinguisher from his bus and ran back to the car.

He discharged the fire extinguisher under the hood of the car until the people were out of the car and had made their way a safe distance from it.

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Soon after, with the accident victims being properly cared for, Pritchard had his passengers re-boarded the bus and he resumed his route, driving along Main Street as he would any normal day.

But this, of course, was a little bit more than just a normal day.

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