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Victimhood used to cast blame


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“I’m tired of liberals using black people and making us look like victims,” Bryan Sharpe said. “Another thing I hate about them if you’re black, they will not hand you a microphone unless you follow their narrative, and I said, ‘if I go into Starbucks and do that, I’ll make the news.’”

Two black men went into Starbucks and asked to use the bathroom without buying anything. The men said they were waiting for someone, didn’t leave, and were arrested. Calling Starbucks racist, liberals protested.

Liberals use victimhood to blame someone (parents) or something (poverty) for their poor lot in life or to get something for nothing, and they call people who disagree with them racist, so it’s amusing when they slander their own. Starbucks’ CEO will now open his bathrooms to everyone, and he’ll close for a day to train his employees on racial bias. He apologized to the men and is paying for their college. He’s a good guy. He also helps vets, but if these men were white, there’d be no apology, no schooling and no story.

Bryan Sharpe went into a Starbucks and demanded and got a free cup of coffee as reparation for racism. The barista even added caramel to his coffee. He told Fox News racism is a business thanks to the ridiculousness of Black Lives Matters activists.

Cities where liberals rule are crime-ridden because the handcuffs are removed from criminals and put on police. Teachers once spanked students and decided who passed. Saying minorities are victims of bigotry, liberals took their authority away and lowered expectations for acceptable attendance, achievement and conduct for all kids.

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Liberals suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome would hurt President Trump. Bryan Sharpe says they’re brainwashed because they can’t think for themselves. Is that why haters kill police?

Perhaps, it’s because they no longer call the shots. In a room of naked people, liberals can separate men from women, but insist we let transgenders use our bathrooms. They shout down conservatives and huddle in safe spaces where conservative ideas aren’t allowed. They tear down statues that offend them, boycott businesses that support the NRA, and they’re orchestrating a coup to dump Trump.

They so need another whipping.

Respectfully, your knuckle-dragging, Bible banging, flag waving neighbor.

Ralph Rivera

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