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Summer Reading Program gets June off to a great start


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The Summer Reading Program begins on June 1st and there is a bevy of activities to be had for all ages. Saturday starting at noon, Roswell Chess Encounter will provide an afternoon of food, fun and friendly competition. Chess expert Mark Austin will be available to provide demonstrations and instructions. Recommended for ages 8 and up, game supplies will be provided.

On Sunday at 2:00 p.m., discover the history of chocolate from its earliest use in Mesoamerica and its journey across the world. And we couldn’t talk about chocolate without offering tastings! Free to attend and open to all ages.

Tuesday, June 5th from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. is Totally 80’s Night! Located in the Bondurant Room, there will be an 80’s Dance Moves Contest, 80’s Costume Contest and Rubix Cube Master Competition with prizes provided by the Friends of the Library. Music will be provided by Scott Montgomery and there will be refreshments, so bring the whole family down to enjoy this totally bodacious bash! For more information you can call 575-622-7101, visit 301 N. Pennsylvania and the website at https://roswell-nm.gov/405/.

Book Talk by Robert Briggs
Circulation Supervisor

Birds are amazing creatures. Being the only living remnants of dinosaurs, their ancestors once ruled the earth. Even though we are living in the age of mammals, birds are still a major part of the world’s menagerie, and though they no longer rule the land, they have made the sky their kingdom.

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James MacDonald Lockhart’s “Raptors: A Journey Through Birds” is a bit of a surprise. One doesn’t necessarily think about writing style when it comes to books about biology, but “Raptors” is a joy to read. Its poetic prose rivals that of many novels. Lockhart travels through the British Isles using nineteenth-century naturist William MacGillivray’s “A History of British Birds” as a map to journey across Britain’s natural landscape. During his quest, Lockhart captures a sort of spiritual connection between Britain’s raptors and its people. Along the way he encounters golden eagles, peregrine falcons, buzzards, sparrowhawks and more. His observations of each raptor’s behavior is documented beautifully, almost becoming a spiritual epic. He also lovingly describes the landscapes of Britain, all the way from Aberdeen to London. It’s as much a love letter to Britain as it is a book about birds.

“The Meaning of Birds” by Simon Barnes is another eloquent celebration of birds and their glorious abilities. This book focuses on birds in general, instead of just raptors, but it’s every bit as fascinating. Anybody who has ever wanted to know what it is that makes most birds fly, why they dance and why they sing, will find a lot to learn in this book. Barnes explains how a habitat’s bird population can tell us a lot about the environment, and he also explains how the evolution of domestic species helps chronicle the history of humankind. Black and white sketches of several species are sprinkled throughout the book, each captioned with a small fascinating tidbits about the birds. The variety of birds covered and the ways they interact with the natural world around them is a testament to the wonder and beauty of our planet, and Barnes’s admiration for these animals is evident as he lovingly explains each bird’s role in nature. Both of these books are in the Adult Non-fiction collection.

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