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Committee mulls fleet maintenance proposal

Councilors Savino Sanchez and George Peterson analyze information while City Attorney Aaron Holloman explains an agenda item during a legal committee meeting on Thursday afternoon. Airport Director Scott Stark sits next to Holloman. (Alison Penn Photo)

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Reporter’s note: This article has been edited to clarify an attribution.

The city of Roswell’s legal committee reviewed separate proposals for maintenance of the city’s fleet and maintenance of fire trucks on Thursday.

It was recommended that one proposal be awarded, for fleet maintenance, while another for fire trucks was rejected with the intention of creating revisions for a second posting. All the decisions will be take taken to the full city council on June 14.

The legal committee voted to accept First Vehicle Services’ fleet maintenance proposal — the cost of services will be negotiated between City Manager Joe Neeb and the company.

On the subject of fire truck maintenance, Fire Chief Devin Graham said the city has been using various vendors — from all over New Mexico and even El Paso, Texas. Graham said the fire equipment is specialized and it can difficult to find vendors qualified to work with that equipment.

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Fire chief’s vision

Giving a disclaimer that his statement was outside the scope of last week’s meeting, Graham said his vision entails in-house maintenance services, where certified firefighters work on equipment they have used in the field.

Graham said it was possible, in response to city councilors’ questions. Councilor George Peterson asked about the city garage and Graham said he remembered when it was implemented, though he said it is now a contentious subject within the city.

“In the interim, we need something in place that would keep our fleet maintained and repaired between now and then,” Graham said. “But I definitely think this is an attainable goal that takes time and money.”

When questioned about maintenance costs over the past few years, Graham said the department operated the fleet within budget. Councilor Judy Stubbs said a discussion about Graham’s idea needs to be held at a later time.

First Vehicle Services

Lupita Everett, city procurement officer, said the evaluation committee recommended the city award the RFP to First Vehicle Services so Neeb can enter into negotiations for the city’s fleet management and maintenance. Everett said four proposals were received on April 24, with three rejected for failing to submit required documents.

One proposal was reviewed by the evaluation committee, which led to an interview. Though he voiced disappointment that no local proposals could be reviewed, Danny Renshaw, the city fleet manager, said he was satisfied with the extensive proposal by First Vehicle Services, based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, with locations nationwide, to take the city’s fleet to the next level.

Renshaw has created a fleet plan, which has been presented at various committees and to the city council in the past year.

Renshaw said he was impressed by First Vehicle Services’ app, which allows clients to see in real-time what is being worked on. Renshaw said First Vehicle would start off in the Pecos Trail’s Transit shop and seek another location for the future. He added the company would do their best to hire locals.

Councilor Peterson asked if First Vehicle has worked with the city in the past and Renshaw confirmed they had been contracted, before Forrest Tire, in 2011. Peterson asked if there had been issues in the past and Everett said there was nothing that stood out.

Revisions for maintenance of fire apparatuses

The evaluation committee recommended to the legal committee that it reject proposals and terminate the RFP for fire apparatus preventative maintenance and repair services. Everett said the rejection and termination would lead to revisions and a second posting. Graham said in his opinion, that was the best idea.

Councilor Savino Sanchez pointed out that he has noticed a trend of rejecting RFPs and he questioned whether bidders were given the information they needed. Everett said the bidders are not submitting proposals according to the requirements of the document and are excluding vital informational.

City Attorney Aaron Holloman said he and Everett have considered creating a checklist to simplify the process and to create more understanding for bidders.

After that RFP was recommended for rejection, the re-issuance was also approved for consideration by the legal committee. Everett said she addressed some of the potentially confusing areas by meeting with Renshaw and Graham to revise the RFP.

In other news, Holloman said the mayor has been in negotiations with the Church of the Nazarene at 501 N. Sycamore Avenue for the plan to straighten Eight Street, and the church seems open to a swap to create one parcel of land instead of splitting the property.

City/RISD reporter Alison Penn can be reached at 575-622-7710, ext. 205, or at reporter04@rdrnews.com.

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