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Graduates, beware of ‘brainwashing’


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Our recent graduates need to understand about “brainwashing” before going to college.

It has two main elements: isolation and repetition. If I stand here and say, “Eggs come from cows,” you will think, “Did he really say that?” You’ll hear others laugh, and you’ll laugh.

Then you’ll go home and tell your parents. They will say, “You know that isn’t true, Dear. That teacher is weird.” In psychology, this is called “reinforcing,” because they have “reinforced” your belief that eggs do not come from cows.

If I want to convince you, I will have to get you away from your family and friends and put you in a cell and tell you repeatedly, “Eggs come from cows. Your parents lied to you.” The only reading material you will see will be magazines I printed on my own press discussing which breeds of cows produce the best eggs.

If you want to beat me, you’ll need a solid conviction that eggs do not come from cows. In our schools today, we don’t teach students to have convictions. They are told, “There is no absolute truth.” Reportedly, the easiest people to “brainwash” are those taught to be “open-minded” and hence have no convictions with which to stand up to manipulators.

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Young people, we will always face “brainwashing,” but this will be especially true when you get to college. Teachers, administrators, and campus activists want to “brainwash” you. Most professors do not care what you believe, but some think they need to take “poor, misinformed” Christians and “enlighten” them.

Worst of all will be your own peer group. In college, you will be the most wanted person on campus. Every political organization wants you. Every weird religion wants you. The drug abusers want you. The party crowd wants you. The homosexuals want you. The promiscuous heterosexuals want you. They want your soul.

You must understand what is happening. Pray for yourself and for those around you. Keep in touch with your parents. Read your Bible. If a professor says, “There is no absolute truth,” and you read John 14:6, “I am THE way, THE truth, and THE life,” guess who is lying.

Find a good Christian organization on campus and a solid church off campus. Make friends with a Christian couple with whom you can talk. Do not allow anyone to isolate you in the ivory tower.

Russell A. Scott

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