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Apply logic to propaganda, rhetoric


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What is a progressive? Webster defines this as denoting progress or moving forward. It is generally thought of as positive. In politics Hilary Clinton, a Democrat, and Bernie Sanders, a Socialist, laid claim to the title of progressive. Since this is being used as political term today we need to check history for political progressives.

Alexander Hamilton established a central bank, which all major countries now have. Was he a progressive? Andrew Jackson, the first Democrat president, canceled the central bank charter. Was he a progressive? Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, issued the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing the slaves. Was he a progressive? Lincoln was followed by Andrew Johnson, a Democrat, who sided with the plantation owners and allowed the KKK to run unbridled. Was he a progressive? Johnson was followed by Ulysses Grant, a Republican President, who sent troops into the south to stop the KKK (a Democrat organization) from hanging freed slaves as well as white Republicans. Was he a progressive? Later we had Woodrow Wilson. Renowned as the greatest of Democrat progressive Presidents, Wilson (a southern Democrat) re-instituted segregation in the nation’s capital which Lincoln had abolished. Was he a progressive? Lyndon Johnson (a Democrat president) signed the Civil Rights Bill, despite his opposition, but it was only under the duress of a Republican congress. Was this progressive?

In the present, with instant communication, we need to be cautious about listening to short idealist quips and platitudes without substance. We need to do research and apply logic to political propaganda and specious rhetoric. This is particularly true of vulnerable young college students. Our universities are saturated with liberal, so-called progressive professors. These professors, few of which have any life experiences, sit in their cloistered ivory tower citadels promoting their utopian idealistic theories based on emotion without any glimmer of practicality, historic, truth or logic.

Most of them are too busy rewriting history to teach it as recorded.

William Dawe

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