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Zoo camp provides summer fun

What could be more fun than spending your summer vacation at the zoo? Or at least one week of it. A group of 11 and 12 year olds are spending this week at Spring River Zoo & Park learning about the zoo, its animals and zoo keeping. Pictured is Zookeeper Harmony Geddy with Frodo the owl. Geddy was teaching the kids about adaptation. As a predator at the top of her food chain, Frodo has adaptations such as large eyes that are good for night vision, a neck that can turn 270 degrees (360 degrees would be a full circle), powerful talons that can squeeze a mouse or other small critter to death with 500 pounds of pressure per square inch, wings that don’t make a sound when she flies and coloration that helps blend in with tree bark, which is where she likes to roost and wait for unsuspecting prey. Zoo Camp 2018 is sponsored by the zoo, Friends of the Zoo and Roswell Parks & Recreation. (Timothy P. Howsare Photo)

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