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Letter writer believes he ‘struck a nerve’


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In reading Ms. Moeller’s response to my letter on progressives and their academic supporters, it appears I stuck a nerve possibly from someone who appears to have been ensconced in that very environment.

She implies that I was doing the very thing I decried in others, that there was no research or critical thought. One of my primary arguments was that of progressive Democrats who have co-opted the position of champions of civil rights when in fact for 100 years it was Republicans that were defending civil rights.

I referenced six different presidents, three Democrats and three Republican. I have read their biographies as well as more than 20 other renowned world leaders. I lived through the civil rights era of the 60s with Democrat George Wallace blocking school entrance to blacks. This is researched historical fact.

Maybe this does not qualify as critical analysis in her “professional” academic environs.

Secondly, I did not paint all professors with the same brush, only the majority. There are too many studies confirming this to list them all. The Washington Times in 2016 showed a ratio of 12-1, the Economic Journal Watch put it at 11 ½ -1. Even most liberals will concede this fact. How many of us have watched the demonstrations and riots at universities over allowing conservatives to speak? Does any rational thinker believe this was spontaneous student response without the initiation of liberal professors?

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In my own experience attending two different universities I experienced the difference in day classes by full time professors and evening classes by people who spent their days working in the public sector. While the daytime classes were predominantly theory the evening classes were interlaced with life experience, a vast contrast.

I think that many liberal professors read Thomas Moore’s “Utopia” and believe it is a rational theme of government, not realizing that it is satire.

William Dawe

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