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Letter writer angered by interaction


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I went to a local car wash — there was only one attendant so I waited for him to come and attend me and get my money. As I was waiting a car with a gentleman parked behind me. He proceeded to come to my car and told me, put my money in the slot.

I said I was waiting for the attendant, then he told me like this, “You Mexican don’t know how it’s done.” I answered “Excuse me, I do know what I’m doing.” Just because I’m Hispanic I don’t know? Then the attendant came and asked what happened. I told him what he said, then he went to the gentleman and said, “You don’t treat our customers like that.” The man told him he was just trying to help; the attendant said “No, you don’t treat our customers like that.” The gentleman left.

I guess now people who are white think we as Hispanic don’t know anything in this country. I was born here and we know our rights. And yes, the gentleman was white.

Frances Rodriquez

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