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What if the infamous UFO crash in Roswell never really happened?


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Different perspective on the 1947 incident raises more questions

Today, speakers will present their theories and panel discussions will be held associated with the feature documentary “Alien Intrusion: Unmasking A Deception.” The event will take place between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. in the Roswell Daily Record media room at the Roswell Mall.

There will be two showings of the documentary, on Friday at 4:15 p.m. — and on Saturday at 1:25 p.m. Following the movie on Friday there will be a 6 p.m. post-movie question-and-answer session with Joe Jordan and Guy Malone, who were interviewed for the documentary.

“It was in over 700 U.S. theaters and has a global release, too,” Malone said. “Basically, the bullet point is that it is the first full-length Christian-based movie to examine the alien topic — specifically the alien abduction topic. Joe, myself, Gary (Bates), the filmmaker — we all are pretty quick to try to explain the idea of UFOs, the idea of life on other planets whether it does, it could exist or not.

“Jordan worked with the Mutual UFO Network,” Malone continued. “He is a section director in South Korea. His credentials include NASA, among a few other things. He has done many talks here in Roswell during events that I’ve been part of. He’s quoted in at least a dozen resources.

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Malone added, “He found out that people experiencing abductions were able to stop it, (saying) ‘In Jesus name’ exorcism or deliverance. He lends a lot of credence that the phenomena is actually spiritual.”

Asked where his interest in the subject came from, Jordan said in an earlier interview, “I grew up an avid science-fiction reader and fan. I loved the escapism it allowed me, to be able to be on other worlds in our galaxy, to meet beings from far, far away. To imagine that the universe is teeming with life, many worlds being far more advanced than Earth. But when I set the book down, I was back to reality. I could continue to dream of those worlds, but that’s all it was — dreams. I didn’t believe in aliens visiting Earth, or people seeing flying saucers. That was just science-fiction, right? I knew where reality stopped and fantasy started. That was a line never to be grayed. It could drive a person insane.

“In 1992, I had the opportunity to visit my brother for a week vacation; he was stationed in Alaska for the Air Force,” Jordan continued. “I was flying out of Orlando, Florida, and expecting a 10-hour flight. So I went looking for a book to buy to read on the plane. In the book kiosk, I found a book that looked to be science-fiction so I picked it up. I checked the synopsis on the back to see what it was about. I was confused — it read as an actual real-life investigation, but to me appeared as science-fiction. I bought the book, read it and came away with a load of questions that I had to have answers for, and would spend the next 25 years trying to get them.”

Those questions: Were aliens visiting Earth? Was there life out there? Could the story of a crash in Roswell in 1947 be true?

“This book was greying that line separating reality and fantasy,” Jordan said. The book was ‘UFO Crash at Roswell,’ by Kevin D. Randle, Donald R. Schmitt, January 1991.

Presenters say advances in technology over the years can be made available to UFO/abduction researchers, and hopefully “expose” what is truly behind the phenomenon. They say the research needs to become more respected before that can happen, though, and that will take some work.

Malone said, “Just in conjunction with the film, we are tying it all together — a great one-day package. It is more or less free because you pay your Galacticon-Pass and you get in. The purpose of Joe’s coming this time ties in the movie, and we are recording these lectures as high-quality DVDs.

“The spirit of the conference is that the finding of researchers doesn’t always match up with what people who just want to sell you a T-shirt want you to believe.

“We don’t have any opposition in town,” Malone continued. “Most people in Roswell look at the phenomena, but if you bring in researchers to prove or disprove — is this really credible? — you find a mixed level of support. It is probably a single-digit percentage who are coming to Roswell who are really sincerely seeking the truth. They want all points of views without biases or goggles. They just want to ask what does the research prove? Ninety-five percent just want to have fun pictures for their Facebook. Roswell’s always been great providing that for the people. Our venue is really for the 1 (percent), not the 99 percent,” Malone said.

For more information, visit alienintrusion.com or alienresistance.org.

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