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Speakers say alien lore covers up truth

Alien visitations represent spiritual warfare against Christianity, say researcher and author Guy Malone, left, and Joseph Jordan, a Mutual UFO Network field investigator. (Lisa Dunlap Photo)

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As hundreds gathered in downtown Roswell Saturday to immerse themselves in alien intrigue, two researchers met a few miles north at the Rowell Mall to give very different perspectives on what happened in Roswell in 1947 and what is going on when people experience abductions.

Guy Malone of Roswell and Joseph Jordan, a U.S. government contractor living in Daegu, South Korea, think that many people’s “visitation” experiences are far from interesting encounters with other intelligent beings. They think that what they call the alien mythology is, in fact, a “cover up” for far more nefarious dealings, including possible Nazi research and demonic activity.

The two men organized “The Powers That Will Be Shaken” conference Saturday. The event included three talks by them and two screenings of the film “Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception,” shown as part of the Galaticon and Sci-Fi Film Festival. The film by Creation Ministries International and Gary Bates includes interviews with Malone and Jordan, not only as researchers, but as “experiencers” of abductions. Their “Powers Will be Shaken” talks will be aired on YouTube within a couple of weeks and will be distributed later on DVD.

Malone, who has been involved in UFO research and presentations since 1997, said in his first talk of the day, “Roswell 1947: Deconstructing the Mythology and Demolishing the Stronghold,” that he believes it is far more likely that what crashed on a ranch near Corona in 1947 was an experimental aircraft rather than an extraterrestrial spaceship. If there were bodies at the crash sites, they could have been “unfortunates” on whom the U.S. government was experimenting.

Although he said he would “never be more happy in his life to be wrong,” he presented documents and photos from previously published works about top secret U.S. government research during World War II and the Cold War that could have resulted in what has been described and observed at the 1947 crash site. This documentation includes a claim that has been widely published for years. The U.S. government ran Operation Paperclip to bring Nazi scientists to military labs in Texas and New Mexico to continue the aeronautical, engineering and human research efforts begun by the Third Reich.

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Some drawings and photos of Nazi aircraft prototypes of the Horten Ho and the Lippisch P.13B  are similar to what people have described about alien spacecrafts they have seen, Malone said. He also said that government documents, including one from the Air Force School of Aviation Medicine at Brooks Air Force Base in Texas, prove that human subjects were used for experiments and that Operation Paperclip scientists were involved. Certain people with diagnosed illnesses, sometimes chosen as research subjects, appear similar to what people have described as extraterrestrials because they have large, elongated heads, protruding eyes and long, slender limbs. These people could have been aboard the 1947 crash object, he said.

The “mystery metal” so often referred to concerning the 1947 UFO also has a plausible earthly explanation, he said. As early as 1932, scientists were aware of a nickel-titanium compound called nitinol that could be bent and warped but then regain its original shape, usually with the aid of heat. Although scientists did not really do much research with nitinol alloys until the 1960s, Malone said, it is possible that the metal was known to Paperclip scientists or other researchers in 1947, even if most people were unaware of its existence at that time.

“These were our top secrets at the time, and some of it was being done illegally behind the back of the president and without the consent or knowledge of the so-called top brass or Congress,” said Malone. “So when the Roswell Incident happened in 1947, none of what I’ve shared with you today was even remotely within the realm of possibility to consider when faced with the facts 1947 witnesses had at hand.”

In Malone’s second talk, “Not Against Flesh & Blood: The Rulers over Roswell,” and in Jordan’s talk, “Unholy Communion: Entertaining Aliens Unaware,” the speakers’ claims are even more controversial. They say the beliefs about extraterrestrials represent spiritual warfare against Christianity.

Malone said that Christianity saved him in his early 20s from the edge of madness after years of experiencing alien visitations and abductions. He said the main purpose of alien mythology, no matter how it represents itself, is to draw people away from Biblical truths.

Jordan took the training to become a field investigator for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and he still serves as a national director of the South Korean region for the organization. Because that group does not involve itself in abductions, he created his own organization, CE4 Research, or Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind Research, after people came to him in search of answers.

He says his investigations and personal journeys over the years have led him to be convinced that abductions are often traumatizing and damaging experiences that occur as a result of one or more of three factors: asking or wishing to experience alien encounters; being involved in occult, mystic, supernatural or alien studies; or, in the case of children, having parents or guardians who are “experiencers” or involved in belief systems that entail extraterrestrials.

Quoting from the sixth chapter of Ephesians, he said that frightening abductions can be halted, even if one is in the midst of the experience, by calling on Jesus or God, praying, reciting hymns or otherwise speaking out against the “demons.”

Jordan said he has gathered more than 150 testimonies from people about how Christianity prevented what some have described as the torture of abductions and what some psychologists have documented as the cause of post-traumatic stress and other mental health issues.

“Cosmic war, ladies and gentlemen. This is a cosmic war,” said Jordan. “The lie that the enemies are using is the same lie that they used to seduce us in the beginning of the Book (the Bible). They haven’t changed the lie. They have only changed the appearance.”

Malone’s website is roswellmission.org. Jordan’s website is ce4research.com.

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