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Ideas deemed liberal, conservative change with time


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I wish to add my input to the recent discussion of contributions of liberals. One writer told us all our rights are the result of efforts by liberals.

We must remember that ideas considered liberal in some times and places might seem conservative in other times and places. A good example: In the old Soviet Union, most Soviets would have considered the right to start a business a liberal thought. In the USA today, some liberals want to put all enterprises under the control of the government.

Let us look at what are considered “liberal” or “progressive” ideas today. Many liberals want to take away our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. They would rather see people victimized in their own homes than to allow them to defend themselves with privately-owned firearms.

We have had recent attempts by liberal-minded people to deny citizens their religious freedom by forcing a Christian-owned bakery to provide a cake for a homosexual wedding or be bullied out of business.

Some “progressives” want to open our borders to anyone of good intent or evil intent.

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Most of our “liberals” want to deny our most vulnerable, defenseless people the most basic right of all, the right to life. They believe there should be an open season on unborn babies. California even passed a bill requiring Christian pregnancy centers to advise women they could get a free abortion.

Fortunately, our Supreme Court overturned that law, seeing it as a violation of free speech and freedom of religion.

We must be careful of word games. We must look at each current issue and evaluate it without considering what label someone might place on it.

When you talk about liberal and conservative ideas, be sure to tell whose definition you are using.

Russell A. Scott

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