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Letter writer: Liberals believe in more freedom


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I read with some interest Mr. R.A. Scott’s letter of July 11 and I would like to comment on it.

I do not agree with all liberal ideas and that makes me a liberal.

Liberals believe in more democracy and individual freedom. As a liberal I disagree w/many things Mr. Scott says, but, “I will defend to the death his right to say them.”

I believe in gun control. All owners should have to register their guns and have a license as car owners are required to do.

We are a nation of immigrants and should welcome people from everywhere. (Actually we qualify as illegal immigrants to the American Indian people.)

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Liberals believe women should have complete control over their own bodies. I do not think I would want anyone in my family to have an abortion, but that is not my decision to make.

If it were not for past liberal efforts and sacrifices we would not be free today.

John Ford