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Michael Lanfor of AirPlay Media in Roswell demonstrates one of his drones Wednesday in the parking lot of the Snazzy Pig on South Main Street. Lanfor and his business parter, Jenna Secrist, pictured at left, had just given a presentation about drones to the Pecos Valley Rotary Club, which holds its weekly lunch meetings at the former barbecue restaurant. Lanfor said his business has drones in different sizes for different purposes for doing everything from roof inspections to filming movies. Lanfor said drones have become very popular in recent years, but the education about them lags behind their growing popularity. Though drones can be safe and useful tools, they also can be dangerous in the control of careless operators, he said. Lanfor said that according to Federal Aviation Administration laws, drones are considered aircraft. That means if you shoot one down, you can be sent to prison just like if you shot down an aircraft with passengers. He said that people shouldn’t be too concerned about drones being used to spy on them since the gizmos are very conspicuous because of the noise they make. (Timothy P. Howsare Photo)

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