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Letter writer: Many ‘liberal’ ideas would restrict freedom


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A letter in the July 17 RDR was telling us again, “If it were not for past liberals … we would not be free today.” I previously pointed out that the meanings of “liberal” and “conservative” change with time and place. Some ideas considered liberal might give us more freedom. Other liberal ideas seek to take away our freedom. Someone living in the USSR might have considered the right to start a business a liberal thought. Obamacare took away people’s right to remain uninsured. Some liberals want to force a Christian-owned bakery to make a cake for a homosexual wedding or be bullied out of business.

The writer tells us he does not agree with all liberal ideas. Wonderful! He tells us “Liberals believe in more democracy and individual freedom.” In the next paragraph, he tells us he believes in gun control. He wants everyone to register firearms.

Registration could be a prelude to confiscation. Criminals don’t register guns. Remember how former President Obama went to great lengths to keep veterans from owning firearms?

The writer wants open borders. Does he really want to make it easy for someone to come across the border, rob his home and perhaps kill him and then escape back across the border before the police can react?

We also read, “… women should have complete control over their bodies.” Civil societies do not give people complete control over their bodies. We have laws against self-mutilation, suicide, drug abuse, and prostitution.

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Furthermore, a child at conception has a unique genetic code that is different from the parents, so even though the child is in the mother’s womb, it is not “her” body.

We must also ask, “If your mother had exercised her ‘right’ to have you aborted, would this world be better off or worse off?”

That writer needs to realize that some liberal ideas have been beneficial, and some have restricted our liberty. Some liberals want to forbid private enterprise and put all industry under the control of the government.

I probably will not answer any more of his letters on this topic. He insists all freedoms are the result of liberal efforts. He ignores that definitions of “liberal” and “conservative” have changed with times, and many “liberal” ideas seek to restrict our freedom.

Russell A. Scott

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