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It’s the ruling class vs. the working class


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For years, Democrats and like-minded Republicans exchanged American jobs for cheap foreign goods. They said our best days were behind us, and our children wouldn’t be as well off as we are. Working class Americans then elected Trump because he said he’d protect their livelihood.

Crony capitalists and socialists use regulations (control of means of making money) to pick winners and losers. Rules limiting the production and distribution of fossil fuels raises the price of energy and encourages the use of solar and wind energy. Obama’s war on coal closed mines and cost miners their jobs.

President Trump got rid of loads of economic- and opportunity-stifling regulations, saving businesses $86 billion in expenses and adding 138,000 manufacturing jobs in his first year in office. We lost 34,000 manufacturing jobs the previous year. The Gross Domestic Product rose from 1.5 percent to 2.3 percent, and the GDP is projected to go back to normal (3 percent) this year. The unemployment rate dropped to 4.1 percent, and there are more jobs than people looking for work, which will eventually result in higher wages.

Republicans, without a single Democrat vote, lowered corporate and personal taxes, keeping jobs at home and increasing workers’ pay. Democrats give workers a raise by forcing employers to pay them more. They want to give non-workers a universal basic income with the taxes working folk pay.

To Democrats, saying is the same as doing. They say they’re for the working class, but their actions cost jobs, increase poverty, and widen the gap between rich and poor. Their power derives from people, perhaps you, who believe government’s job is to give them or others something for nothing like a preschool or college education. Of course, we pay the bill or mortgage our children’s future for their generosity.

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Half the Democrats on the Supreme Court said the baker who refused to bake a cake for a gay couple discriminated against them for no reason other than their sexual orientation, not his opposition to gay marriage. Democrats oppose Trump’s Supreme Court pick because they won’t get what they want without your permission.

Democrats and like-minded Republicans want unfettered immigration (cheap labor) and to take back trade-dealing authority they ceded to the president.

Tell Congress you trust Trump to handle trade deals and demand they make employers verify their employees are citizens or legal immigrants.

Respectfully, your knuckle-dragging, Bible banging, flag waving neighbor.

Ralph Rivera