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Kraft’s column hit the nail on the head


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Rick Kraft’s circumspectly penned column “Just a Thought” is a mainstay in our newspaper for a reason. In the Sunday paper he opined that the dissolution of the family unit is related to absenteeism during the evening meal. No face to face, heartfelt conversations with Mom and Dad. Just a lot of silence, with the occasional interjection, “where is my charger?” This, of course, is what happens if nuclear family happens to assemble and eat together. Children and frequently parents are tacitly indicating they would rather be on their smart phones than socially engaging those genetically closest to them.

The well known quote that “The science fiction of yesteryear is today’s reality” is well upon us. Labeling the internet as bad is akin to saying a baseball bat is bad because it could be used to end somebody’s life. I do agree with Mr. Kraft that overindulgence regarding smartphones and social media can lead to digital dementia. Even the weathermen seem to be suffering from it. How many times do we have to listen to the phrase “thunderstorms and tornadic cells in places LIKE Clovis”? Come on, how many places are LIKE Clovis except Clovis? Take the extra 10 seconds to produce the phrase “thunderstorms and tornadic cells in a region surrounding Clovis.”

The over usage of the word LIKE sometimes betrays one’s unwillingness to broaden their vocabulary, and I believe it is due to the lack of authentic conversations which used to occur prior to the voluminous proliferation of communication devices. I hope you all are, like, feeling me here.

Finally, I was tickled by usage of the term phubbed (noun form: phubber) which is a recent neologism that has worked its way into our parlance. Phubbing probably happens quite a bit at the evening dinner table in Rick’s column. It is a melding of the words Phone and Snub. Only a zombie would not laugh out loud … I am working on similar word for those who converse vociferously on their phones in the adjacent restaurant booth.

Sort of Respectfully submitted.

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Steven Young