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Experience matters


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Oak Ridge National Labs has reported that there have been 44,000 transfers of spent nuclear fuel cask from location A to location B by track, rail or ship around the world and not one single radioactive atom was released. For the last ~70 years the nuclear industry has maintain a safety culture surpassed by no other industry, not even biological, and especially the O&G industry during boom times. Twelve thousand transfers of transuranic waste have already come though Roswell over the last 18 years and not a single transport incident.

Almost daily, the Hobbs and Carlsbad news is reporting another accident in the oil fields where people are hurt and killed while the health to the environment and population is being jeopardized with harmful pollutants released into the air. That is a fact and another fact is that most people in Southeast New Mexico have decided to live with it. To be clear, I support the O&G industry in New Mexico because it is our ‘cash cow’ for revenue to the state, counties, cities and those healthy enough to work in the industry. There is a lot of money flowing right now and that is a good thing. But, someday the spigot will slow down again.

We have two candidates for governor that might as well be called yin and yang when it comes to an energy policy for New Mexico. I’ll will let you figure out which ones they are but one is for wind and solar farms and the other is for oil and gas. There is a third candidate and that would be the NRC. It doesn’t even matter anymore whether the two primary candidates support or not support the Holtec Project to store spent nuclear fuel in New Mexico. The Federal Government makes the final decision to license HI-STORE CISF in Lea County.

As I said, experience matters and all the ‘what if’ is not going to change that.

Martin Kral

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