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Is Holtec Project good business?


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Is it immoral or is it good business? I could be referring to the oil and gas industries or I could be referring to the wind and solar energy industries or I could be referring to the industrial cattle and dairy industries. Why do these industries get a free moral pass when you look at the environmental and heath issues they cause? The simple answer is that most people really don’t think about it. We go on with our daily lives drinking ice tea through our plastic straws. But isn’t it interesting that everyone takes notice when a few ‘moral’ people decide eradication of the plastic straw is the new agenda?

But I diverged, we all know that I am referring to the nuclear energy industry. After reading through all of the comments submitted to the NRC and the Holtec International HI-STORE Consolidated Interim Storage Facility Project, only a few of the comments dealt directly with the science involved. Some valid points where made and they should definitely be addressed. The majority, probably more than 90 percent, were comments base on the legacy of misinformation about nuclear radiation, historical government commitments and their own personal moral reactions.

Is the Holtec Project immoral or is it good business? For me, it is both. One thing immoral about spent nuclear fuel (SNF) is that is was created in the first place when that wasn’t technically necessary. The moral thing to do now is stop producing SNF and eliminate it from storage. The solution to both of those issues is found in advanced reactor technology that Bill Gates’ company, Terrapower will provide. There are several companies developing similar technology to eliminate waste, proliferation and meltdowns while providing clean efficient industrial heat and electricity. Idaho National Labs with Northwest Power and Oak Ridge National Labs with Southern Power are both sponsoring test facilities.

These new reactors are radically different from today’s power plants and won’t be widely available for 10-20 years. That is why we still need interim storage, which is good revenue business for New Mexico.

Martin Kral

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