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Dangers of energy production pose conundrum


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Martin Kral is certainly a well known proponent of nuclear energy. He has written extensively about it in our newspaper. I admired his honesty in a recent letter to the editor where he mentioned the environmental concerns regarding the safe storage and transport of spent nuclear fuel (SNF). Often, an advocate of a particular industrial endeavor will only enumerate its benefits and advantages without divulging any of its known negative aspects. Mr. Kral is very upfront and transparent when he acknowledges the drawbacks of nuclear energy production.

The Three Mile Island and Chernobyl accidents (accident an inadequate term to describe the devastation and long-term deleterious magnitude of both calamities) understandably create a class of reactionary types who unconditionally will oppose anything associated with the commercialization of nuclear power such as the Holtec Project, where SNF will/might be stored halfway between Carlsbad and Hobbs.

An excerpt from a May 2018 Albuquerque Journal editorial states: “New Mexico, a poor minority-majority state, is once again destined to be the dumping ground for dangerous items no other state will take, and those items will be vulnerable to train wrecks, container leaks and terrorist attacks.”

This concern has to be noted, but the oil and gas industries certainly do not enjoy a short list of environmental hazards as well. Energy production from its various sources poses a genuine conundrum regarding which path to take.

Let’s hope Bill Gates’ company, which is striving to generate nuclear energy without the SNF and meltdown problems, makes some rapid advances.

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Steven Young

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