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How will admin salary increases impact RISD morale?


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After more than a decade of non-existent salary increases or minuscule increases that sometimes barely covered the cost of increased insurance premiums, RISD announced in June that teachers would be receiving an average 4-4.5 percent salary increase for the 2018-2019 school year. The salary increase is small, but higher than anything teachers have had in many years.

Then at the August school board meeting, the RISD school board voted to give district administrators, whose salaries already far exceed teacher salaries, an average 14 percent salary increase. That is a significant increase.

What will this decision do for teacher morale in the district? And how will this action encourage teachers to move to Roswell to fill the 34 certified teacher vacancies posted this year on the RISD website? I have to wonder if the school board and administration have been watching what teachers are doing across the country this year.

Nancy Toth

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