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Teacher thought it was going to be a good year


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I began teaching this school year, my 38th I think, with more optimism and enthusiasm than I expected. After all teachers are getting a 4 percent salary increase, the first raise in a long time. More importantly, we have a new math curriculum that is student-based and the students seem to be enjoying it so far. Collaboration among my peers at Goddard High School is paying dividends as we work smarter not harder. Even the convoluted teacher evaluation hoops we all jump through each year didn’t daunt my enthusiasm. We have a new superintendent whose remarks on our first day back spoke words to the effect that each school employee was an equal partner in educating our students — something I agree with.

And then it happened. I find out the administration gave themselves a 14 percent raise. How can that be? As a math teacher my mind raced. For many administrators that’s about a thousand dollars per month. Teachers’ 4 percent raise will be about $130 per month.

I ask myself, “Who makes these decisions?” For teachers and other employees raises are negotiated by our union and the administration but I think administrators just write their own ticket. But surely they can’t just give themselves huge raises any time they want, can they? Who can stop them from such greed? Oh yes, the school board. But guess what? The administrators only need three board members on their side and that’s it. Good going three board members. You have agreed to something that has taken much of the enthusiasm out of the start of my school year. I guess some of us are more equal than others.

Greg Anderson

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