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Roswell woman wins Ford Fiesta


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After seven days of blistering heat and laying up against a 2018 Ford Fiesta, the No Siesta for the Fiesta hands on marathon ended Saturday with three finalists maintaining contact with the vehicle until the very end.

The hands on marathon was sponsored by the UFO McDonalds, Roswell Ford, Roswell Talk F.M. 106.5 and KSVP to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House of Albuquerque and the Snowberger Children’s Foundation.

Desiree Serena of Roswell, a photo technician at the local Sam’s Club won the car. Todd Hobbit Verciglio, social media and marketing director for the Roswell Chamber of Commerce and Diana Gutierrez, a stay-at-home mother from Hagerman, who along with Serena maintained vehicle contact.

Verciglio, Guitierez were able to chose from several other prizes: a living room furniture set, a 65-inch wide screen television, two leaf blowers, a Polaris Four wheeler.

Verciglio chose the living room set as his prize, while Gutierrez went with the four wheeler. Three other contestants who held out for a long time but fell short of making it through the entire race also claimed prizes. Raquelle Ramirez chose the leaf blowers. Sheri Chaves the 65-inch wide screen TV and Anthony Portio a month’s supply of free McDonalds.

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Last Saturday 30 people placed their bodies up against a 2018 Ford Fiesta in the UFO McDonalds parking lot on North Main Street, each hoping to win the vehicle. Contestants could had to maintain contact with the vehicle until this Saturday and were only able to break free from the vehicle for a 10 minute break every four hours.

Anyone who reason broke contact with the vehicle were disqualified. The person who maintained contact the longest would win the vehicle.

The event was live streamed, with people able to purchase perks from individual contestants- ranging from an ice pack, a poncho, an umbrella, chair or a massage. All money from the purchases went to the two charities.

Nicholas Snowberger, manager of the UFO McDonalds, said Saturday that money raised from the purchase of perks for the contestants totaled $10,360.

To decide which of the three finalists would take home the car, each individual opened one of the big mac boxes, each containing a key with a key fob. The three contestants would each take a turn pressing a button on the fob. The one whose key panic button started the car would win it. The car started when Serena, the last to be called up to take a key from the Big Mac box pushed the key fob.

She then shared hugs with her fellow competitors and other people in attendance.

Verciglio said remaining in the contest throughout was not as easy as it seemed when it started.

“This was more challenging than I thought it would be,” he said.

He added he and other contestants were not used to maintaining bodily contact with something for so long. Each move or shift had to be carefully thought out. Some other contestants would fall asleep and lose contact with the vehicle and then be disqualified from the contest.

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