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A lot of labels being thrown around, incorrectly


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It’s has been interesting to watch and analyze the change in the Democrat party as they become increasingly enamored with and controlled by the socialist wing of their party.

They have embraced the Saul Alinsky school of politics. That is, integrating his concept of name-calling and demonizing any opponent and repeating it enough until people believe it. Their mainstays are calling the conservatives Nazi and fascist with a liberal (excuse the pun) sprinkling of racist, homophobic and intolerant as the most vile names they can think of to use.

One has to ask, do they even know what these terms mean? Do these neo-socialists know that Nazi stands for the National Socialist German Workers’ Party? (Or anti-Marxism?) In effect today’s socialists are calling conservatives socialists, kind of ironic.

Their second favorite is fascist. Fascism or ultra-nationalism was a response to the global threat of Communism that was spreading throughout Europe in the 1930s, and the fascist movement was the response in more than a half dozen countries including Italy, Germany, Spain, Serbia and Finland. The movement became evil when Socialist dictators rose to power under Fascism.

In Germany, the Nazi Party was the vehicle that Hitler used to ascend to power. Appointed chancellor in 1933, Hitler’s favorite tool for advancing his National Socialist Party was the Brown Shirts. These were thugs that Hitler used to brow-beat, threaten, intimidate and shut down any opposition speech while at the same time demonizing and blaming everything on the government.

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When we look at politics today, what is happening? Are the college radicals shutting off any conservative speakers? Are Maxine Waters, Cory Booker and other Democrats asking their followers to verbally attack conservatives wherever they find them, at home, on the street, at theaters — and are they portraying government agencies as evil?

What people need to realize is that Communism (Socialism’s big brother) and Nazi/fascism are two branches from the same tree. They are not polar opposites but two roots of the same poisoned tree. Before voting this fall people need to objectively look at who they want to run our government and this means a study that goes beyond Twitter, Facebook and soundbites. Know your history. I am afraid too many people don’t bother looking into facts, and only accept the party line.

William Dawe

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