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Edible-caused emergency could have been avoided


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As a strong proponent of medical cannabis I couldn’t remain silent after reading the article by Sherry Robinson, “Alice in cannabis land: Edible leads to ER visit.”

Fortunately Sherry admitted that she made a “stupid decision” and with that, she took the words right out of my mouth! I have shared in my column my journey with a mysterious stomach pain and my success managing it using medical cannabis. It remains a miracle for me to be able to end my pain without using opioids. Because it works so well for me and others, I always worry that one day it could be taken away.

The folks at Pecos Valley Pharmaceuticals/Production know their products and they have always cautioned me to try a small amount and wait to see how it affects me before taking more. I shall admit … the edibles are tempting; gummies, chocolates, cookies, hard candy — but they are not cheap and anyone who buys the edibles and gobbles them down like a regular treat is very stupid and foolish. Sherry said the doctor explained that, “Edibles are riskier because you can’t control the dosage” … I disagree. You control it like you would anything else … “Take two aspirin and call me in the morning.”

Don’t you look at the dosage on all medication you take? I always take a small bite of any edible and wait an hour or so to see how I feel. You don’t just toss a handful of gummies into your mouth and follow it up with a cannabis cookie dipped in milk!

I can’t speak for Colorado but I can applaud our local provider for handing out great cautionary advice along with their products.

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Sorry Sherry, but your dehydration and edible binge “emergency” is all on you. Listen up, folks.

Linda Kral