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RISD shows love for Franklin

Bernice Franklin receives flowers from RISD athletic director Britt Cooper before the Roswell-Goddard volleyball game. (Steve Notz Photo)

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There’s an old adage that says be thankful for today and don’t worry about tomorrow because no one knows what tomorrow will bring. Just ask Bernice Franklin if that isn’t true. Bernice Franklin? I don’t know any lady by that name. Many might not, but if you ever attended any of the sporting events at Goddard or Roswell High schools and Sierra Middle School, you have given her your money to get into the game. She has always smiled and said, ‘enjoy the game.’

Roswell and Goddard volleyball team pay tribute to Bernice Franklin who managed to come out of her coma as she heard the voice of God. (Steve Notz Photo)

If Franklin knew you, she might have asked about your family or talked to you about something only you and she knew about, just to let you know she cared.

About a month ago, she took her medication as she always does and had an allergic reaction to it. She was found by her sister who was checking up on her. Franklin’s tongue swelled to where she could not get her tongue in her mouth. Her sister took her to the hospital where she was immediately put in the intensive care unit for six days.

“To be able to get around like this is a blessing,” Franklin said.

Franklin is out of the hospital and wheelchair-bound and has to have oxygen in her nose continuously to live. The main thing for her is the main thing: That she is here and alive and able to see another day.

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Franklin is from Louisiana but has been in Roswell since 1957. She started taking tickets at the games after her husband Velma died, for extra income. Franklin says the doctors have told her she is on the way to making a full recovery.

“I would love to come back and take tickets again,” Franklin said. “I’m looking forward to greater things and greater heights. I’m still here for a reason, to do better.

Franklin was in a coma and doesn’t remember anything, but she did have an encounter with God.

“I was at death’s door,” Franklin said. While in a coma, she heard the voice of God saying, “Not yet, you’ve got something else.”

Franklin felt like there was a different feeling after she came out of her coma. Franklin is in an assisted living facility at Casa Maria in room 101 and would love to have visitors.

“To see everybody come out and support me was really nice,” Franklin said.

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