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There are other options for naming recreation center


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The Aug. 24 Roswell Daily Record tells us the city’s General Services Committee recommended naming the recreation center after Cesar Chavez, the labor activist.

Of all the people we could honor, there are many better choices. First, we have many local heroes. Christopher Sanders gave his life for his country. Johnny Gonzales worked unselfishly to help the city’s poor. We have firemen and policemen who paid the ultimate price.

Cesar Chavez was a reformer who might have started with good intentions, but he became corrupted with the idea that “the ends justify the means.” He painted the picture of evil, white bosses against poor, Hispanic, workers.

When I lived in Yuma during the mid-seventies, I never heard him call the people who hired the workers “farmers.” That would sound too sympathetic. He called them “agro-businessmen.”

The fact is, both the farmers and the workers came in all flavors. There were minorities on both sides. Some of those farmers were barely scraping by.

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I never heard Cesar Chavez denounce the union thugs who would open the irrigation ditches to ruin the lettuce crops of farmers who refused to agree to his terms.

I strongly urge our city councilors to find a more worthy, preferably local, hero to honor. We could name it “Memorial Recreation Center” to honor all who gave their lives. What would be wrong with “Roswell Recreation and Aquatic Center?” It is, after all, part of our community.

Russell A. Scott