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Goddard Rockets ready to take on Carlsbad Cavemen


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Entering into week two of high school football, the matchup between the Goddard Rockets (1-0) vs the Carlsbad Cavemen (1-0) has all the makings of being a candidate for game of the week.The Rockets are coming off a dominating victory over St. Pius where they displayed toughness on both sides of the ball, rushing the ball very well on offense and defensively applying pressure to the quarterback, which resulted in a few exciting turnovers.

Carlsbad, which will be the home team this week, will attempt to keep an early perfect season after defeating the Artesia Bulldogs last week 28-14. Similar to the Rockets, Carlsbad is also a run-heavy team and are very physical up front and just may have one of the best offensive linemen in the state.

“First of all, you have to stop Carlsbad’s running game. They’re big and physical up front — everyone knows that. You know we will be outsized and what not, so we will have to play tough in the box for sure. They had a lot of success running last week. They have a lot speed, multiple formations, so you know it will start up front,’’ said Goddard’s head coach Chris White.

The Cavemen are no push over team and will definitely be looking to have some of the same success that Goddard is hoping to have on both sides of the ball based on the similarities of each team after week one. Both teams will have to limit turnovers and mistakes, which in most cases can be costly in these types of games that are expected to be close.

With so many things that can play a role in this game, from players to coaches to the unexpected, fans can expect to see four quarters of football with either team willing to give up and may also be decided on the more conditioned team.

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‘‘I’m sure they throw the ball well, too. It’s just that last week they didn’t necessarily have to throw,” White said. “They kept the game tied in the first half with Artesia and just stuck to their game plan. It looked like it just sort of wore Artesia down.”

White said Artesia’s running backs do a good job out of the wishbone and also running down hill. “They can show up and throw the ball and air it out on us. Who knows after one game, there’s a lot of unknowns, and so they are a well-coached football team,” White said. “So we’re just gonna have to go and adapt to whatever it is they tried to throw at us.’’

This game expects to bring plenty of hard-hitting action and just may come down to the last minutes of the ball game if it turns out to be anything like last year, where the difference between the teams was only one point in favor of Carlsbad. Of course, every week the objective is to win and despite yet again another tough opponent, the Rockets’ attitude is yet to change, according to White.

‘‘We expect to win all of our games — we don’t prepare not to win and we don’t ever prepare to win big,” White said. “If we’re gonna win, usually it’s gonna be on the last possession of the game and that’s how we prepare to be poised and hold our nerve and perform under pressure. So yeah, I would expect it to for sure be a tight game.’’

No matter what one may speculate or predict, the game is yet to be played and only time will tell who will end up as the victor this Friday night. The game will take place at 7 p.m. in Carlsbad, who will host the Roswell Goddard Rockets in an interesting battle early in the season with two of the best after week two.