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Letter writer: Dems may learn humility, or just move


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President Trump revoked the security clearance of John Brennan, Ex-CIA Director, and the mainstream media says he’s threatening our nation’s security. Anyone who’s had a clearance in the military and lost it when they were discharged knows this is nonsense. The Democrat propagandists in the press say that Trump’s deed is what dictators who want to silence their critics do — it’s petty payback for Brennan’s views on him.

Brennan thinks Trump is unfit for office, an opinion shared by many Democrats and like-minded Republicans. He says Trump is “treasonous” and “guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors,” and his denial of Russian collusion “hogwash.” If he’s correct, Robert Mueller should indict the president, or is his investigation a trap concocted by Democrats to remove Trump from office by any means possible

The president should take away the clearances of nine other people, including Bruce Ohr, who’s still in government. Ohr was a biggie in the Justice Department when Trump was elected. He was demoted because he took money from and worked for Glen Simpson and Christopher Steele, the cofounders of Fusion GPS, who were hired by Hillary Clinton and Democratic National Committee to produce dirt on Trump.

Deplorables picked an outsider as president to “drain the swamp” of corruption like this and to “lock her up” because it’s unjust to give Democrats a pass when they break the law. Ohr and the nine may have acted on their political bias, and there are dozens more in and out of government who may have criminally abused their authority.

If Attorney General Jeff Sessions won’t drain the swamp, he should resign. If he won’t quit, the president should fire him. His successor can then appoint an independent investigator to find out if the FBI and Justice Department conducted an illegal investigation based on uncorroborated dirt paid for by Democrats.

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Deplorables won’t permit the ousting of President Trump. A grand jury should also indict anyone who wrongly exonerated Hillary Clinton and undermined Donald Trump’s presidency. Perhaps, after six more years of the man, Democrats will move elsewhere or learn something of humility. Either way, the country will be better off.

Respectfully, your knuckle-dragging, Bible-banging, flag-waving neighbor.

Ralph Rivera

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