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RPKC dog show draws four-legged competitors

Long before the onlookers arrived, owners and handlers of the dogs competing in the Rio Pecos Kennel Club Dog Show lined up to get numbers for their pets and themselves. The rules are strict because it’s an American Kennel Club-certified event. (Christina Stock Photo)

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The Rio Pecos Kennel Club dog show last weekend brought a large variety of breeds to town, competing for recognition and Best in Show awards.

Rick Brown is seen here grooming his Afghan Kevin. “He has no chance to win this year or next,” he said. “It’s practice.” The pure-bred dog had been ill last year. According to Brown, Afghans loose their fur when they don’t feel well. “It takes two to three years to grow back, so watch out for 2020,” he said. Brown’s secret to keep his dog’s teeth and have his coat shine is to give his Afghan raw chicken with the bones. “The bones grind against the tartar build-up and leave sparkly white teeth. The tissue and marrow of the bone shines up the coat,” Brown said. “This is only done with raw chicken, don’t feed any dogs bones from cooked chicken.” The bones of cooked chicken are brittle and splinter, which can cause injuries. (Christina Stock Photo)

After a slightly muddy beginning on Saturday, the dog owners and their furry competitors enjoyed the cooler weather at the Roswell International Air Center Park, where the show took place under the watchful eyes of professional judges.

There were four rings set up where the dogs could show off their beauty, agility and breed. The local show is certified by the American Kennel Club and has been in Roswell since the ‘50s.

This year, 381 four-legged breed athletes were trying to make their owners proud and win a ribbon or two.

Many breeds represented were well-known among onlookers, but there were also some that caused many to search online for details. One of the breeds is called Cirneco d’Aetna. Originally from Sicily, Italy, this breed resembles a Pharaoh Hound, which is originally from the island of Malta. However, Sicilians insist that their breed developed on its own.

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The Cirneco d’Aetna was accepted in 2014 as its own breed by the AKC.

“The Reserve Best in Show was the bulldog both days — Saturday and Sunday as they don’t carry over — which is quite a feat,” chairperson and organizer of the RPKC dog show Elaine Mayfield said. “In addition, the Sunday Best in Show bulldog beat his sister to get Best of Breed and went on to take it all. We have historically had smaller terrier numbers and this year both Best in Show winners came from the terrier group.”

“We (the RPKC dog show) are situated between California and the September Texas shows; we draw entries of many of the nation’s top dogs,” Mayfield said. “Of course, the backbone of our show entries are the many owners, breeder handlers and their dogs that are working on or have their championship titles. Our entry numbers were up by 20, to 381 dogs. The rain on Friday made for very pleasant weather for the exhibitors and the many visitors that came out to see their favorite breeds or some of the new ones AKC has recognized.”

Winners on Saturday were:

Best in Show went to a West Highland terrier, Grand Champion and Champion, with the name Arbroath’s Pride — a four-year-old male. He is owned by John Low and William Mathews III from Riverside, California.

Reserve Best in Show went to the English bulldog, Grand Champion, a Pop-a-Top chimera with the name Deal Me In — a four-year-old male. He is owned by Dr. Jaime Vasquez and Linda Scott from Dallas, Texas.

Winners on Sunday were:

Best in Show went to a Kerry Blue terrier, Champion, with the name Klassique’s Rockin’ Robin — a three-and-a-half-year-old male. He is owned by Paula Fox of Farmersville, Texas.

“He beat his sister, Champion Klassique’s Goodmorning Starshine, on his way to the win,” Mayfield said.

Reserve Best in Show went to another English bulldog. “Yes, a bridesmaid both days,” Mayfield said. “Quite a feat to pull off.”

He is Grand Champion, and a Pop-a-Top chimera with the name Deal Me In — a four year old male. He is owned by Jaime Vasquez and Linda Scott from Dallas, Texas.

For more information about RPKC, visit onofrio.com/jodstwo/clubs/allbreedclubs/peco.html.

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