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Don’t miss going-away party today for Claire


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Today at 4 p.m. following the afternoon Story Time, there will be a going away party in the Malone Room as we bid our Children’s Librarian Claire Gutierrez farewell and best wishes. Stop in to say goodbye, enjoy some refreshments, and sign a book that she will be able to take with her to remember her time at the Roswell Public Library.

Summer Reading T-shirts are available to be picked up, but only until Saturday, Sept. 15. After that, they will be given away on a first come first serve basis. For more information, you can call 575-622-7101, visit 301 N. Pennsylvania and like us on Facebook and Instagram @RPLnm.

Book Talk by Robert Briggs
Circulation Supervisor

Fantasy is commonly associated with castles, wizardry and medieval settings. It’s become synonymous with franchises such as “The Lord of the Rings” and “A Game of Thrones,” but not all fantasy is based on monarchical civilizations and doom bringing magical weapons. It frequently takes place in modern day times with bits of real life sensibilities or science fiction technology mixed in. For fantasy lovers who are looking for something a bit different, the library is a great place to find this sort of fantasy.

“The Root: A Novel of the Wrath and Anathaeum,” by Na’amen Tilahun, is an urban fantasy that takes place in modern day San Francisco. Erik, a former teen celebrity, is trying to survive the aftermath of a scandal that rent his career to pieces. As messy as his life seems, it’s made even more complicated when he finds out that he is Blooded, meaning that he is a descendant of gods. Being that he has godlike powers, he becomes a target of a secret government agency that captures and sales Blooded folk to beings from an alternate dimension that hail from the city, Zebub, a city that mirrors San Francisco. Lil is an inhabitant of Zebub, and like Erik, she has a complicated life that has opened her up to danger and mystery, and the two of them have only begun to scratch the surface to the darkness that may soon envelop both of their worlds.

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“The Root” does a great job of expanding on our existing world and making it into something both familiar and new. It’s a great choice for fans of urban fantasy or anybody who is just looking for something different.

“Good Guys,” by Steven Brust, is about an organization known as The Foundation that recruits magic users, sometimes against their will, and trains them to use their powers for the good of mankind. Many times, these magic users don’t even know that they have powers, until they randomly happen to activate, especially during stressful times. Unfortunately for these good guys, their only compensation for their good deeds is minimum wage. Even worse is the problem that the Foundation may not be the force of good that these minimum-wage workers think it is. It seems to be that the training they receive from the Foundation is only being used to further the Foundation’s agenda, and being put in situations that could lead to the demise of others, that is something that any real “good guy” can’t ignore. “Good Guys” may please both fantasy and mystery lovers. It’s fun and the minimum wage aspect really brings a hint of realism to an otherwise fantastic world. Both of these can be found in the Science Fiction section of the library under the authors’ last names.

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