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Don’t cover lands with solar panels, turbines


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If you are a hunter, take note: Kudos to Logan McGarrah for his excellent letter to the editor in last Saturday’s Roswell Daily Record. The Bureau of Land Management has control over much of the enchanted land of New Mexico and if you don’t want it to be drastically changed, you have to make your opinion known too.

I have already voiced my concern about covering the prairie grasses with solar panels and wind turbines just to produce electricity for California. (Shame on) California if they shut down their perfectly good nuclear power plants and come up short on electricity for the hot summer months.

New Mexico doesn’t need the extra electricity but Michelle Lujan-Grisham’s proposed energy policy is only about temporary jobs and export electricity at the expense of the New Mexican taxpayer through subsidies. And her policy makes no reference to the advanced nuclear technology that is developed right here in New Mexico at our two national labs.

The states of Utah and Washington utilities are investing in their future with clean nuclear energy without covering up their states with clutter.

And the construction jobs for wind and solar usually go to the band of workers that follow the industry from state to state. I am sure the number of New Mexicans working on Sagamore Wind Farm south of Portales will be way under 50 percent. That is exactly what happened when the Roswell and Chaves County solar farms were built. Almost all the material and labor come from out-of-state sources.

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Gary Johnson will hate me for saying this, but there should be some mandate.

Martin Kral