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Giant pumpkin breaks record at Eastern NM State Fair


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Chaves County has once again broken the state record for largest pumpkin. The winner of the Fourth Annual Sid Brewer Classic held Saturday night by the Chaves County Giant Pumpkin Growers Association weighed in at 544 pounds. Bill Brewer’s “Itsa” was 104 pounds heavier than last year’s winner, which was officially certified as the state record holder at 440 pounds, according to event organizer Benny Wooton, shown at left. Brewer took a triple crown of sorts, grabbing the Most Improved Grower award, since his pumpkin last year weighed in at only 105 pounds, and receiving the Ugliest Pumpkin recognition. “We picked it because it has a crack in it and he fixed it with glue,” said the spokesperson for the youth committee that gave the honor. The Queen of this year’s contest was Cindy Wooton. Her pumpkin “Volunteer” came in at 275 pounds. New Mexico State Rep. Candy Spence Ezzell (R-Roswell), a charter member of the group, called out the winners and runners-up as official weighmaster. (Lisa Dunlap Photo)