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Big Daddy Weave returns

Big Daddy Weave returns to Roswell

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The Christian band Big Daddy Weave performs in Roswell for the fourth time

By Christina Stock

Vision Editor

The band Big Daddy Weave, featuring Brandon Heath, stops in Roswell during their Jesus, I Believe Tour. The concert takes place at the Pearson Auditorium on New Mexico Military Institute Grounds on North Main Street at 7 p.m.

Big Daddy Weave is one of Christian music’s most loved and respected artists. When the band comes to Roswell, the tickets sell very fast, so the organizers recommend to make reservations early.

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A mainstay at radio, the band achieved their most recent hit single with “The Lion and The Lamb.” This follows five consecutive No. 1 singles, including “Love Come To Life,” “Redeemed,” “The Only Name (Yours Will Be),” “Overwhelmed” and “My Story.”

“Redeemed” became an anthem of unprecedented impact when it spent 11 weeks at No. 1, was dubbed “Song of the Year” at the first annual K-LOVE Fan Awards, earned Dove Award and Billboard Music Award nominations and was certified Gold by the RIAA. Since forming in 2002, Big Daddy Weave members — Mike Weaver (lead vocals, guitar), Jay Weaver (bass, vocals), Jeremy Redmon (guitar, vocals), Joe Shirk (saxophone, keys, vocals) and Brian Beihl (drums) have released seven full-length projects, amassed more than one million units in album sales and have received numerous honors, including ASCAP and BMI Awards and the prestigious Rich Mullins Artist Impact Award, among others.

Asked why Big Daddy Weave returns so often to Roswell, Mike Weaver said in a phone interview, “We just love people, and I think Roswell just has some real people. It’s not put on; it’s not trying to be something fancy. It has just been that genuine connection each time. God loves people and so we learn to love people, too, and we hope to learn to love people the way He loves them.

“People have a misconception sometimes about God,” Mike Weaver said. I grew up in church and I know church people get it wrong a lot. But God is not mad at anybody, God really loves people. That’s our message, that there is more than a second chance for you in your life if you feel like a failure. That’s part of my story.”

Mike Weaver lives what he says. He has recently lost his father and the last time he was in town, his brother Jay Weaver could not be with him. Instead of being crestfallen, he talks about his worries and calls them going through seasons. He said that out of some of the darkest place,s hope and inspiration rises that he funnels into the songs he creates.

“It happens all kinds of different ways,” Mike Weaver said. “Sometimes it’s by finding a song that somebody else wrote. A lot of times it is just by going through a season of life. Songs are almost like a way of bringing closure to different stuff in my life, different seasons. I write a song out of a place I was in my life. Like a couple years ago when my brother became a double amputee, he lost both of his feet. He plays bass for Big Daddy Weave and is back with us. There are a bunch of songs that came out of that season. Sometimes some of the most hopeful songs can come out of the most difficult season, which is just crazy to think about, but that’s how it was for us. Last Christmas, my dad passed away, so there is a whole other group of songs that are being written out of that experience. Sometimes the hardest things we go through produce the best song. I don’t know what it is, the songs really resonate with other people.

“Today (during the phone interview), I am sitting in Tennessee. I am sitting in our bedroom which overlooks this wooded area behind our house. The sun is shining down and man, I am thinking about Christmas songs right now because where we are at in the year. I am writing a Christmas song as I am sitting here and am thinking about a happy day. Songs can come out of the most unexpected places,” Mike Weaver said.

Mike Weaver and his band have a special treat for their Roswell fans. “We are working on a brand-new record right now and they get to be a little bit like guinea pigs, musical guinea pigs — which is a strange thing to call anybody if you think about it,” he said and laughed. “We get to try out some songs on them, which we are really excited about. Our last record came out in 2015, so it’s been a few years already and we are really excited to share some new songs. We would just love it if you come out. We really love Roswell, we love the people of Roswell and we think God really loves Roswell. We love to invite them out to an evening of encouragement and an evening of music.”

Mike Weaver’s message is especially for those who are in a dark place right now.

“We are from that real place, writing songs about our faith, which is the biggest part of our life and just sharing that with people everywhere,” Mike Weaver said. “Specifically with people who might be going through a really rough time. That’s some of our favorite people to get to share with and play for. I think, it means the most for them because when you are in that space you need somebody to tell you it’s not over for you because it feels like it’s over. I specifically would like to invite anyone to this show who doesn’t feel like coming out to a show. Maybe you want to stay home because you went through a rough season, been through this time that makes you feel like giving up, or you have given up. By chance, if you see this, I would really like to invite those people because I can relate to those people a lot.”

The concert is the only concert of Big Daddy Weave in New Mexico until December’s Albuquerque concert. The band is heading the very next day to Oklahoma and then to Louisiana continuing their tour.

For more information, visit bigdaddyweave.com

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