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Letter writer fears for the future of the democracy


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I have a real fear our democracy is in extreme danger. We have a president who displays the mentality of a grade school playground bully with an incredibly limited knowledge of the real world and virtually no respect for our constitution. His tax cuts to the wealthy, his tariffs and trade wars and his mass deportation of undocumented immigrants are all failed policies of the past. These policies along with his ignorance of foreign affairs, and his disrespect for our long-time allies, likely ensure his MAGA will be one of the greatest failures of our nation’s history.

Our vice president believes he is God’s chosen to lead the great American Theocracy. Pence’s position of vice president has made him the de facto leader of the Christian Reconstructionists. The goal of the Reconstructionists is to dismantle our present government in order to establish a social order based on Old Testament Law. Their views would more closely resemble those of the Pharisees of the Old Testament, and even Sharia Law. I shudder to think if Trump is impeached Pence will be our president.

Our Republican-led congress has sold out to the corporate and special interests of their wealthy contributors. They seem to be more concerned with protecting their status and power while having little regard for the lives and welfare of the middle- and lower-income earners. Both in the preamble, and in the first paragraph, Article 1, Section 8 of our Constitution, it clearly states to promote the general welfare of our citizens is one of the main functions of our government. Nowhere do I find any reference to promoting the general welfare of corporate America at the expense of the middle and lower income earners.The Republican party of Eisenhower that I joined in 1965 no longer exists. The majority of the base are hardworking Americans who are responsible members of our society. They are good people, still active and are usually die-hard members who will remain in the party until they pass away. Unfortunately a growing number are the extremists of our society.

I am truly concerned for the world we are leaving our future generations. It certainly will be vastly different than my generation experienced.

John Grogan

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