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Rationally analyze politics, or be a sheep


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While President Trump continuously refers to the opposition as conducting a witch hunt, the statement is inaccurate. It more accurately should be referenced as the new Salem Witch Trials. For those unfamiliar with these trials, over 200 individuals were accused of being witches, and more than 20 men and women were executed by so-called good citizens.

Today, the majority of the public is too busy or too lazy to analyze the statements of their favorite pundit or propagandist. It seems they are willing to follow rather than analyze, evaluate, use logic or even apply a minimum of common sense. They are devoid of the knowledge of history.

A great many of the present accusations mirror the witch trials that exhibited mass hysteria, false accusations and the failure to follow due process or the rule of law. How does one prove that they are not a racist, a bigot, a misogynist or a molester without an indictment, evidence presented or a trial? It seems this is the new norm.

The fact that Democrats are now willing to attack a man of Judge Kavanaughs’ character with this same approach is indicative of their agenda. This is the same style that the French Revolution used: salacious hysterical accusations and jaded barbarism that resulted in thousands being guillotined. And who was the worst of the offenders? It was Robespierre, commonly referred to as the most virtuous person in France, who preached on moral and political principle and then sent to the guillotine anyone who opposed him.

The same could be said of other tyrants who have befuddled their followers with odious, pernicious, unfounded accusations. Many good men and women have succumbed to the false idealism and emotionalism of politicians. The question becomes whether to step back and rationally analyze politics or just be as sheep following the one ringing the loudest bell and the disingenuous shepherds.

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We all have that choice to make.

William Dawe

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