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Reader responds: Democracy actually stronger today


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In response to the letter printed from John Grogan, “Letter writer fears for the future of democracy,” I would say that the democracy is finally on its way to healing.

For far too long the people have sat back and allowed the liberal Democrats to destroy our industries, over-tax our working class and turn us all into welfare recipients. The people said they wanted real change and elected President Trump. Now the country is booming, new jobs are everywhere and our taxes are lower.

Mr. Grogan seems to be another person who believes corporations pay taxes. Consumers eventually pay all the taxes for the corporations. If you cut the taxes on corporations you are saving the taxpayers from having to pay them.

The only ones who want to dismantle our present government are the the liberals.

Since you brought God into your letter let me remind you of something. Moses said to the Israelites, “Pick up your tools, get on your ass and I will lead you to the promise land.” The liberals say put down your tools, sit on your (rear-end), this is the promise land.”

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Our democracy is stronger today because of the people’s choice in 2016.

Don Determan